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UTCA offers a variety of training materials to help make sure your team is up-to-date and ready to work. In addition to the DVD lending library listed below, UTCA members have access to online training resources through Coastal Flix, a DuPont owned company. Contact Dan Neville to receive your access PIN.

The DVDs below are available upon request.

  1. Underground Safety – includes: Auger Boring Operations, General Construction Site Orientation, Hazardous Materials Safety, Heavy Equipment Operations, Pipe Handling, Safety in Flagging, Trench Shoring, Tunneling Safety
  2. Playing It Safe with PPE
  3. OSHA: An Introduction for Construction
  4. Roadway Worker Safety: In the Zone
  5. Lead Safety: On the Job
  6. Rigging Equipment Basics
  7. Confined Space Entry
  8. Hazard Communication: Elements of Safety
  9. Respirator Safety: A Sure Fit
  10. Fall Protection: The Right Connection
  11. Cranes In Construction
  12. Confined Space Atmospheric Testing
  13. Confined Space Ventilation
  14. Hazcom, In Sync With GHS
  15. Cave-In! Trench & Shoring Safety
  16. Slips, Trips and Falls: Split Second Safety
  17. Every Choice Matter: Interviews With Those Who Lost Love Ones In On-The-Job Incidents

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