Abandoned Line Reporting Form


UTCA is now asking our contracting members to help prevent utility hits by beginning to record anytime they discover an unknown abandoned utility line. Contractors have been experiencing too many close calls and accidents when an abandoned line is marked out as the live utility line. When this occurs lives are in danger as employees begin to dig again and now can hit the real live utility. At this time few if any contractors or utility companies record cases of abandon line hits or near misses. The UTCA in coordination with the utility companies through the New Jersey Common Ground Alliance want to understand the scope of the problem. To do so we need every contractor member to record anytime a Abandon line is discovered. Any line that was unknown is a potential near miss and we must know how often this is happening to be able to request a change to improve the safety of our workers. The UTCA Safety Committee has developed an easy record sheet for our members to use. Please begin keeping track on a quarterly basis any time an abandon utility line is found.

CLICK HERE for form.

Please send in this form at the end of each Quarter (April, July , Sept and Jan) to Dan Neville Dan@utcanj.org . Or fax Attention Dan to the UTCA Office 732-292-4310 and additional question please give Dan a call 732-292-4300. .



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