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As UTCA alerted the industry several months ago, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) will now require permits for all Code 23 registered trailers for all loads exceeding 80,000 lbs prior to movement of the load. The MVC has commissioned NJDOT to approve the routing of all Code 23 trailers when transporting loads exceeding 80,000 lbs that transverse bridges in New Jersey. The Department will utilize the bridge formula to determine if a load can transverse a specific bridge. In essence, the NJDOT will monitor the movement of these loads similar to what New York and Pennsylvania have been doing for some time. This change is planned to take place on August 17, 2010.

How to Get Permits:

NJDOT will be using an internet based permit system that be accessed at Code 23 registrants must click on the New User Registration Page link found on the homepage to register with the site and obtain a username and password. The username and password will be used to access your permit account on the site and order permits.

How To Calculate Axle Weight:

Load Xpert - Load Axle Calculation:
A user friendly axle load calculation software that lets you visually configure most types of trucks. Add single or multiple payloads and software will display axle loads instantly:

Worksheet For Determining Axle Weights:

Questions/Comments: For inquiries concerning login, routing, and bridge analysis, you may call the Department of Transportation at 609-530-6089. You may also send your inquiries via email to

For any additional information, contact Evan Piscitelli, Director of Legislative/Regulatory Affairs, at (732) 292-4300 or by email at





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